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Wild Harvest


Wild harvested plant produce (e.g. blackberries and wild mushrooms) may carry our logo provided you have permission of the land owner and their confirmation that there has been no use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers during the previous year.

These must be labelled as "wild harvested" and no product (e.g. so called "wild rocket") may be referred to as "wild" when it is actualy cultivated.


Bees are effectively domesticated animals that carryout wild-harvesting of nectar.

There are many mammals and birds that are killed for reasons of pest-control or sport

While it is highly desirable that this "wild-harvest" is used and the animals have a had a real free-range life, it is unfortunately not allowed to sell wild-harvest honey or meat as "pesticide free" because it usually isn't. Honey bees visit rape and other heavily sprayed cflowering crops while mammals from rabbits to deer graze on sprayed agricultural land.







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