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Sprouting seeds for sale

All children have grown mustard or cress seeds on the kichen window sill and yet a substantial market exists for punnets of sprouted seed of a whole variety of types

They are easy to grow and can be produced year round and timed so they are ready for every farmers market (or wherever you sell).

You can buy seed in bulk or small packets: bulk purchase is the only option if you are to make a profit selling your sprouts but small packets are good for trying out a crop and learning to grow it well..

It is essential that the seeds are organic since they contribute everything to the sprouts that will be eaten a few days after planting.



Growing mushrooms is more time consuming and much less easy than srouting seeds. Nonetheless, it is worth a try and can be a moneyspinner. It is not just ordinary (Agaricus) mushrooms that are cultivated. Oyster mushrooms and Shitake are usually easier to grow and sell well. Shops often sell them as "wild mushrooms" but they are actually cultivated. There is an excellent book on organic mushroom growing and easily available "spawn" for many species.

Take a look at our sprouts and mushroom spawn shop






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