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Organic Countryside CIC

Where we are based: 23 Tye Green, Wimbish Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 2XE

Our land: we own a nine acre nature reserve and community smallholding in Sewards End (called Noakes Grove) and also manage a one acre traditional orchard at Ellis Green, Wimbish (called Scotch Patch)

What we produce: apple juice from the range of rare-breed apples in our orchard (available now) and half lambs ready for the freezer (next available December 2017)

Where we sell: Apple juice in 500ml bottles is sold at the Walden Local Food stall at the Saffron Walden Saturday market. The meat, when available, and bulk buys of apple juice is sold direct to those on our email newsletter list (sign-up)

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Visit in person: Noakes Grove Nature Reserve is open free to the public






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