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Labelling - for fruit or vegetable based produce

You need good labels to sell your produce but must be careful they do not fall foul of the law.

You must not say your stuff is organic: you grow it organically but the law stops you saying this - hence the need for our logo.

Fresh fruit and veg.

If you are selling fresh vegetable produce that is not pre-packed or processed in any way, labelling is straight-forward. If you are selling carrots a display label saying “carrots”, the OR-CO.UK logo and a price per kilo is all you need. You will want to add something about yourself and where your carrots were grown, but keep it short. If the carrots are sold by the bunch, rather than weighed at the point of sale, you can advertise the price “per bunch”. Or “per punnet” if you are selling gooseberries for example)

Packaged produce

It is much better to sell loose, fresh produce if you can. If it is packed in polythene bags each bag will need a label with a whole lot of nutritional information, best befores etc. Before selling packed food you MUST read the official government rules

Processed food

There are some circumstances in which it makes sense to sell processed food. For example, your apple-trees produce a bumper crop each year and you cannot sell them all fresh. You have access to juice making equipment and make your own apple-juice, bottled and pasteurised in tamper evident bottles. You can then sell the juice over a period of several months and at a price that is better than raw apples.

For produce (like apple juice) that has a single ingredient, the labelling rules are fairly straight-forward but you still need to check them.

Here is an example of an apple juice label.

Apple-juice label

Products with more than one ingredient

Be very careful here: the labelling rules are much more strict and you are likely to need local authority approval of your kitchens where you produce your produce.

Also, ask where your ingredients will come from. "OR-CO.UK approved "produce must be mostly produced by you and all ingredients come from the UK. That rules out jam: the strawberries are grown by you but organic UK sugar does not exist. Sugar is either UK made from pesticide sprayed sugar-beet or imported organic cane sugar.





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