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There are about 20 million gardens in Britain covering over 4000 square kilometres. That compares with 5200 square kiliometres of organic farmland.

Many tens (possibly 100s) of thousands of organic gardeners and allotment -holders produce healthy food with no pesticides, in ways that are beneficial to wildlife.

In fact they are producing organic food but they are not allowed to call it that. To use the word "organic" in connection with any food product, the producer (and processor if any) must be certified as organic and this costs big money.

That is why almost all organic food is produced by large commercial farms and much of it is imported.

OR-CO.UK stands for ORganic-COuntryside.co.UK

It is not-for-profit community interest company that owns a nature reserve and small holding in N.W. Essex. It sells apple juice and lambs from its organically managed land but are not allowed to label them "organic" or even mention the name of the company because it cannot afford the £470+ a year that it costs to get organic certification.

Its customers are happy to accept what they know is really organic, food even though it cannot be called that. But they would like a clear logo indicating the food status.

The new logo and self-approval system has been designed for any UK organic gardener, allotment holder, small-holder or nature-reserve manager who farms organically and is not able to register for official organic status. We will trust you when you register and confirm that the food you produce matches our standards. If we receive any complaints, these will be looked into and may result in producers being removed from our list.

This is a free service which gives you free publicity on this website as well as allowing the use of our logo on your produce.

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